The portfolio you put together represents the work you’ve done throughout the semester. It should include the following elements:

  • Table of contents
  • An introductory letter
  • Assignment #1 – Flash Fiction
  • Assignment #2 – Famous First lines / Immediate Action
  • Assignment #3 – Dialogue
  • Assignment #4 – Character
  • Final Story (10-20 pages. negotiable.)
  • A one page analysis of one of the stories we read

For all of the stories, you will need to include the original story you turned in with my comments on it, and a clean, revised version of the story. All of your pieces should undergo some sort of revision. Details on the one page analysis piece forthcoming. Finally, you should think about presentation and style when putting together your portfolio. Put it in a three ring binder or find some other creative way to bind it. Pictures are cool. As always, I want you to take care of your work.

Tentative Due date: Friday, May 6th

You’ll get your portfolios back the following week, whenever our final is scheduled for. This class has no official final.