Molly Laich. Instructor.

molly laich (at) umontana (dot) edu

From: Detroit, Michigan

Likes: reading, writing, dogs, bikes, tattoos.

Dislikes: war, other peoples needs.

Stephanie Back

stephanie.back (at) umontana (dot) edu

From: Belt, MT

Likes: Music, Culinary Arts, Playing Guitar, Blogging, & Sleeping.

Dislikes: Ignorant people, Escargot, Sushi, & sharing milk.

Erika Buchanan

ebuchanan_5 (at) hotmail (dot) com

From: Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Likes: Coldstone, Candy, Snomobiling, Quading, Snow

Dislikes: Spiders, people who walk slow in the middle of an aisle, onions

Tyler C

gottabewafflez (at) gmail (dot) com

From: Fairfield, California

Likes: snowboarding, music, kool-aid.

Dislikes: math.

Ryan Deady

ryan-deady (at) hotmail (dot) com
From: Helena, MT
Likes: camping, swimming, mysteries, dogs
Dislikes: extremists

Kari Eneas

red_turbulance (at) yahoo (dot) com

From: Polson Montana

Likes: puppies, earth tone colors, Jesus, and fine foods

Dislikes: when the lightbulb goes out, and the bottom of a can of soda

Hannah Joy Hart

hannahjoyhart (at) gmail (dot) com
From: Missoula, MT
Likes: photography, music (Bon Iver, City and Colour, Mumford & Sons, Death
Cab For Cutie, Fleet Foxes, etc.) archaeology, The Good Food Store (I work
there), dogs, color coordination, camping, canoeing, floating on the river,
doodling, summer thunderstorms, rain, traveling (who doesn’t?), coloring
books, Harry Potter, Emo Phillips (hilarious comedian from the 80’s, check
him out), and an array of other things I can’t think of right now.
Dislikes: bees, mushrooms, bad lyrics, heights, blood, needles (but only the
big honking ones that doctors use to stab you in the arm with and inject
things into you.)

Breanna Hartman

brehart24 (at) gmail (dot) com

From: San Diego, California

Likes: Books, My Mandolin, Traveling, Board Games, All Things Irish

Dislikes: Heights, Know-It-Alls, Crickets, Dr. Pepper

Aerial Henderson

aerial.riley (at) gmail (dot) com

From: Great Falls, MT

Likes: Writing, drawing, dancing, singing, reading, studying film, acting, cats, hippos, church, and music.

Dislikes: being tired, raisins, clowns and spiders.

Alexandra Libby

alexandra.libby (at) umontana (dot) edu

From: Seattle, Washington

Likes: Music, reading, writing, guitars, animals, dead rock stars, tattoos, mountains, editing, oceans, intellectuals and philosophy.

Dislikes: Spelling and grammatical errors, government, spiders, jealousy, repetition, stupid people and dramatic occurences.

Madison Olson

madison.olson (at) umontana (dot) edu

From: Great Falls, MT

Likes: my bike, camping, warm weather, the lake, and card games

Dislikes: fruits and vegetables

[picture pending]

Torie Powell
Hometown: Whitefish, MT
Likes: baking, candy, sprite, football, painting
Dislikes: rude people, loud chewing, hate, sluts

Emily Reep

emilyreep (at) umontana (dot) edu

From:  Dickinson, North Dakota

Likes:  Snow (and various related activities), books, camping.

Dislikes:  Bugs, competition, being told to smile.

Sofi Sandstrom
sofi.sandsrom (at) umontana (dot) edu
From: Umeå, Sweden
Likes: Skiing, podcasts, playing guitar, sewing clothes, running, thrift store shoes, multitasking
Dislikes: close mindedness, having pictures taken of me, voicemail

Ford Schwing

fordschwing (at) gmail (dot) com

Likes- fly-fishing, fly-tying, hunting,

Dislikes- the man
Tess Vucurovich

From: Butte Montana
Likes: Ice cream, summer, snowboarding, hot tubs, reading.
Dislikes: pop, public speaking, being told what to do.