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Let’s not get emotional!

Some final thoughts.

I’ll leave a box outside of my office for you to turn in your portfolio if you haven’t yet. If you haven’t turned in your portfolio yet but plan to please email me and communicate when you plan to do that.

For everyone else, I’ll be passing back portfolios in my office next Monday from 12-1pm. They will contain your portfolio grade, your participation grade, and your final overall grade in the class. If you don’t come pick them up then, I’ll leave them in a box in the english department office, LA133 until the end of finals week.

After that, I will place all unreturned portfolios in a trashcan and then set the trashcan on fire. Heaven, take note.

It’s been a real pleasure. Feel free to keep in touch. If you want, I’ll be your facebook friend once grades are in. I love facebook so much.




Here are a few final things to think about when assembling your portfolio for class. Remember that they are due on Friday, May 6th.

  • Table of contents

This is your organizational key. Tell me what’s in the portfolio and give me their page numbers. You should “paginate continuously.” That means once you’ve compiled your whole portfolio, go through and number the pages by hand. Don’t worry if your original stories are numbered or not but make sure the whole portfolio has numbers. You should do the table of contents last, to avoid heartbreak.

  • An introductory letter

This should be 1/2 to 1 page, double spaced. Just tell me about your writing process/experience in the class and how it’s changed, and tell me about the different revisions you did. This shouldn’t be hard.

  • Assignment #1 – Flash Fiction
  • Assignment #2 – Famous First lines / Immediate Action
  • Assignment #3 – Dialogue
  • Assignment #4 – Character
  • Final Story (10-20 pages. negotiable.)
For all of the stories, please include both the rough draft I commented on and your clean copy. Don’t add a lot of extra stuff. (I don’t need all of your workshop comments, for example.)
  • A one page analysis of one of the stories we read
I’m going to read these closely. Remember what I said in class: don’t summarize the story, I’ve read it. Be sure to include quotations from the text and what it means. Tell me what you’ve learned from the story in terms of writing. Your emotional reaction. Etc. This is one page (it can be a little longer but not shorter) double spaced.
A few Miscellany:
  • Feel free to include other things you’ve worked on. If you include too much stuff I can’t promise I’ll read it all, but I would be happy to look at anything you have.
  • Be selective. Don’t just throw everything in. This is more a problem in WRIT101 I suspect.
  • Everything in college is always double spaced always and forever unless otherwise specified
  • Don’t forget to number your portfolio
  • I like pictures, good presentation, attention to detail. This is the culmination of all the work you’ve done in class and I want you to produce something you can be proud of.
  • The Portfolio is worth 50% of your grade. You will get a grade in this class.
  • Grading is based on completeness and attention to detail. I’m interested in effort. You will get a letter grade on your portfolio.
  • Late portfolios will go down a letter grade on monday, another on tuesday, and by wednesday, you’re doomed, unless you arrange a deal with me beforehand.