Here are the two extra credit stories I told you about. The first is called “Quiet Please,” by Aimee Bender.  I will warn you it’s pretty dirty, but excellent. I just read it and liked it a lot.

The other is an excerpt from Jennifer Egan’s recently pulitzer prize winning novel The Visit From the Good Squad, and this story is called “Ask Me if I Care.” I’ve only read part of this one so far but it seems good as well.

If you are wanting to read something fun or to get “extra credit” I recommend you read one or both of these stories, and leave a thoughtful comment/analysis/critique of the work as a comment. Try to quote from the text and tell me something meaningful about the work and how it might relate to your own writing.

For Monday and Wednesday of next week:

I want to do in class conferences with you, so that means I’ll be pulling you up individually and talking to you about your portfolios. I’ll look at your work with you and answer any questions you have. So please, it’s important you bring your work with you to class and come prepared to talk about it.

People I plan to conference with on Monday are those of you who’s stories I’ve already returned. Everyone else will get their stories back Monday so it’s important you come to class to get it. If I’ve forgotten someone, assume you will also conference with me on monday. You are:

Breanna, Bill, Erika, Tori, Sofi, Stephanie, Mike, Angela… 

Everyone else will be on Wednesday, and then remember that the portfolios are due on Friday of next week.

We are almost done, friends.