Hello cherubs.

I lectured all the wrong people on attendance in class yesterday, so let me restate briefly here the importance of coming to class. Remember what I said when we met in the beginning: a writing class is like a club, or if you prefer a more bellicose example, a war. It’s all about the man in the mud next to you. The writing is fine. Everyone is turning in great stuff and I’m looking forward to reading your final portfolios and I know that they will be excellent. But workshopping is an equal component of the class and I don’t want to see people start to slack off on this. Recall the thing I said about mud.

For the next couple of weeks that we have left together, I want you to make a commitment to be in class when your fellow students are being workshopped. If you missed any of your group workshops last week, read the stories you missed and get written comments to both them and me by the end of next week.

And finally, in an unrelated gesture, here are the three, count them, three stories we’ll read and workshop as a class tomorrow. make sure you bring a copy for the author. You can write them written comments on the page. I don’t need to see a copy of these if you are in class. Have a great weekend!

Erika – Bottle and a Gun

Breanna – The Dissonant Sound

Bill – Same Difference

P.S. It is my birthday. I’m 29. timeless elegance.