ENCR Deadline Poster Fall 2011 Here’s the flyer for submitting to higher level workshops for the fall semester. The deadline is this friday, March 25th. There are boxes in the english department. Truth, I’ve seen them. I think the conventional advice is to submit to all the classes you might potentially want to take. Cast a wide net, as they say. Please don’t hesitate to email me/come see me during office hours if you want any help with your submission.

If your name is not yet hyper, please email me your story. And I apologize if this will be the third time you’ve emailed it – life’s bananas, what can I say. use molly.laich (at) gmail (dot) com.

Monday, March 21st

Erika – The Contest

Kari – Silent Streets

Tess – Unexpected Lover

Wednesday, March 23rd

Brooke – First Strike You’re Out

Jonathan/Tyler – Home Alone Ten

Torie – My Shadow

Friday, March 25th

Sofi – Sex and the Pity

Hannah – Secondhand Sweaters

Madison – Muddy Footprints