Okay, so, for the weekend, I’d like you to read these. The first is my 4th draft of “We Did this to Him.” Note the changes in tone, perspective, event, etc. Then you can go through and note the final changes in the published draft. For your comment (due Monday please) discuss briefly the following:

1. How have the changes from the original I gave you last week and this final draft changed your perspective on the story? Do you believe one is better than the other? Can they exist separate from each other? Which do you believe is ultimately more successful and why.

A rough draft of We Did This To Him – with notes from the editor.

The final draft, now called “Stillwater” at Burnt Bridges Press.

Secondly, here is a brief story by Amy Hempel called “The Harvest.” It’s very short. Have it read by Wednesday and leave a second comment here. The question is: how has the writer broken the “fourth wall” as we call it in cinema? What I mean by that is that the story quickly becomes aware of itself as a story. Do you like or dislike that? Discuss this move in general. Let me know if it’s something you enjoy or if you think it’s lame.

You are free to do both at the same time, or comment on the first part and then come back before Wednesday to comment on the Hempel story.

I hope this post isn’t horribly confusing. Email me if you have questions.

P.S. I added a new section up top called “workshop schedule.” It is just what it says it is. If you are up for workshop on Wednesday or Friday of next week, please email me your stories by Monday morning so I can get them up.

P.P.S. We will be talking about Workshop a lot on Monday. It’s an important class day so try not to miss. Don’t miss any days of class. Class rules.