Here’s a word document of a very early draft of a story I wrote last year. This version is called We Did This to Him. That’s a word file, click on it and it should download onto your computer. Let me know if anything goes wrong or you need me to email it to you directly.

I want you to read this and comment on it the way we will one day do with each others stories in workshop. In the comments field, could you please: 1. Say at least two things about the story that you think are working. 2. List at least two things that you think are not working / could be changed / need improvement. There’s no need to be shy as I have already perfected and published this story. Do your worst.

Get these comments up by Monday, please. Note that I have made another blog post directly under this one re: conferences. Don’t not see that.

Finally, be sure to come back to the site on Monday for the next installment of this story to be read and commented on by Wednesday.

Does it all add up? Does everything make sense? Get to reading, kids.