We’ll be meeting in my office, LA229. Look in contact section of the syllabus for directions to the building. For the conferences please bring everything that you’ve turned in and handed to me, along with specific questions you have about my comments, your work, etc. In the conferences we will talk about what you’ve written so far and what you hope to write in the future. I’ll give you back your most recent assignments and you will sign up for your first Workshopping slot. I’ll tell you where you stand in the class in terms of a grade / absences, etc. It promises to be a fun time.

Here’s the conference schedule for next week, March 7 and 9th.

Monday / Wednesday

10:00 Ryan / Kari

10:10 Brooke / Tori

10:20 OPEN / Bill

10:30 Stephanie / Tess

10:40 Erika / Tiffany

10:50 Sofi / Angela

11:00 Hannah / Ford

11:10 OPEN / OPEN

11:20 OPEN / OPEN

11:30 Tyler / Michael

11:40 OPEN / Shannon

11:50 OPEN / Madison

12:00 Breanna / OPEN

please email me asap if you’re not on the list to schedule a time. Missing conferences counts as an absence. Make sure you know where you’re going and you’re on time.