For those of you lucky enough to be in class today – I don’t know what happened. One thing led to another and we just spent the whole hour trolling for babes on the Internet. I mean, sort of.

We looked at the missoula craigslist, mostly in the “missed connections” section for found, unintentional gems of literature. I thought we would write some craigslist ads of our own in class but we didn’t get to it. SO, for Friday, in addition to your Assignment #4: Character Story, (if you want particulars about this assignment please email someone from class) I want you to bring a fake craigslist ad.  Familiar yourself with “conventions of the genre” i.e. look at craigslist ads to see how they are written. Exploit them. You can use a found heading as your title or make up one on your own. You needn’t limit yourself to Missoula’s listings. There’s a wide world out there.