Correction: The link to the reading is broken I’ve heard?  Try copying and pasting this!

We did that weird thing in class with the randomly generated characters, remember? As far as I can see everyone was in class today so everything should go smoothly for Friday. You will have shared contact information with the members of your group. Make sure you email your group your character sketches by tonight (today is wednesday.) This will give everyone time to print off descriptions to bring to class for more writing on Friday.  Make sure you don’t forget: you will let everyone down! The moon will freeze! The plants will die!

Read this tiny little piece by David Foster Wallace called “Assett.” No response required at this time, but beware, I might randomly point at you in class and ask you telling questions about the work, which is to say, read it.

Have you sent me your profile information? If you haven’t, or if you did, and your profile is still not up in the people section, please do that soon. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, that’s what I say?

See you on Friday, friends.