Look at this picture my brother took and posted on facebook. I love it. Just stare at it for hours and think about your life and art and whether or not there’s a God and if so what does she look like and stuff.

Now onto the business at hand. I gave you a hard copy of the story “Congress” by Joy Williams.

Comment/question of the day, to be posted before our next class on Wednesday: Consider the four principle characters of the story. There is Miriam, Jack, Carl, and the Taxidermist whose name I forget. I want you to choose one of these people and give me a character sketch on them. What are they like? What are some of their traits? What do you imagine they look like or does it matter? What do they WANT? (This is an essential question an author should always ask: what is my character’s motivation?) I want you to make inferences here, and by that I mean say stuff about them that is not explicitly stated in the text. Example: “I think that Jack loves jazz and has a complicated relationship with his father.” The more out there you get, the better. Be as creative or as boring about it as you want.

Here’s a few other stories for you to read over the weekend if you get bored. To Build a Fire, by Jack London. This is a boy story. I can’t get through it. I would love for somebody to read it and tell me what it’s about in the comments and see if maybe I should make the rest of the class read it. I think there’s a dog involved. I love dogs.

Here’s a story I wrote for thumbnail magazine called Look Out. I also do blog posts for them about writing. It’s sort of depressing.

Next, I’ll give you a link to Franz Kafka’s story The Metamorphosis which is an absurd thing to do because it’s like 60 pages long, really more of a novella. If you’re really interested in reading the whole thing I would check it out from the library. But even just reading the first few pages online will give you a sense of what a nutbar he is, and when I mention him in class you can say “oh right, that guy who turned into a bug.” He can’t turn the doorknob cuz he doesn’t have hands anymore! It’s a metaphor for something!

Have a good weekend! Do lots of reading and writing.