I gave you a copy of “Chef’s House” by Raymond Carver. I know last time I told you I was going to put stories in my mailbox and then didn’t, but this time, I assure you, I already did. LA133, before 5pm. Be there or be square.

You can also, if you prefer, listen to the story on the now famous New Yorker Fiction Podcast. Follow le link. You may want to listen to this just for fun, as there is interesting commentary before and after.

Comment Question of the day regarding this story: What does the narrator mean by the very last line? What do you think the couples’ future looks like? Cite specific things in the text that leads you to this conclusion.

Raymond Carver teaches us about this “conversational language” thing I keep talking about and have the hardest time explaining. His language is sparse, simple, and to the point. People have said there is no art in it. I think those people are stupid but I suppose it’s up for debate. If you love Raymond Carver and want more, here’s something he wrote later in his career, after he got sober. Much like Aerosmith and other rock legends of our time, I think the work suffers a little in sobriety. That story is called “A Small Good Thing.” Feel free to tell me what you thought of that in the comments as well, if you choose to read.

Also Due Friday: Assignment #3: Dialogue

It’s really simple, just write me something compelling that uses a lot of dialogue. You can use any of the prompts/writing exercises we did in class, you may develop your found transcript, or you can turn in something else entirely, as long as dialogue is featured. I have restricted you to 1-3 pages typed. Be sure to also make this double spaced, properly formatted, beautiful and excellent, with page numbers and a glorious title. I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Please also turn in your original “found dialogue/transcript” along with the assignment. I would really like to see them just for my own edification.

Let me know if you have any questions on this assignment. Just try to relax and have fun with it, whilst simultaneously incorporating the many, many tips and writers do’s and don’ts I layed out for you in class today.

Finally: I put the photo prompt from today in a separate blog post under this one. Don’t be all “I didn’t see it so I didn’t do it.” Scroll down. There he is.

That’s all! Do all that. See you Friday!