As for “Hills Like White Elephants”: It’s an abortion, people. She’s going to get an abortion and it has ruined their relationship. They drink too much. The hills are probably metaphors for something but I’m not sure what. Also, in Citizen Kane: Rosebud is a sled. It’s just a sled. It doesn’t mean much. If you haven’t commented on this story yet, go back and do so.

Please read “Blue Boy” by Kevin Canty and comment by answering the following questions. Please get these responses up by Wednesday before class. I will leave extra photocopies of this story in my mailbox in the english department office, LA133.

Blue Boy questions:
1. What is the story trying to say about class? How does it do that? Give at least one example from the text.
2. How does Kenny change during the story? Do you think the change is permanent? Why or why not. See if you can’t pinpoint a specific scene wherein he discovers something and takes action.
3. Look back at what we’ve learned about narrative modes. Identify how “Blue Boy” is told in terms of: view, voice, structure, and tense.

Okay everyone? Please email me if you have any questions.