Hi everyone.  No real homework for now.  Just please go back to the first post and finish listening to the story “Last Night” by James Salter via the New Yorker Fiction podcast.  In class we left off exactly at 18:58.  Here’s a fun tip:  If you go to Itunes and search for “new yorker fiction podcast” you can download the episode and listen to it on your mobile devices.  It’s a really wonderful podcast full of some of the best short stories around.  They’re great to listen to when you’re walking around campus, doing other things, etc.  Listening to a story is a whole new kind of exhilarating experience, in my opinion.

Also, educate yourself on narrative modes whynot.  Narrative Modes.

And here’s an “extra credit”, only if you feel like it, sexy, smutty story called “Inner Geographies” by Roxane Gay.  Incidentally, it is authored by the woman who rejected my 2nd person turned 3rd person narration piece, the one I told you about in class.  (“You feel trapped.”  No I don’t!)  If you choose to read it go ahead and leave a comment telling me what you thought.

Should I always expect you to be so peppy on Monday morning?  I should make energy drinks/coffee a mandatory component of the class.  There’s probably an ethical violation in that somewhere…