Writing Assignment #1:

Use these pictures to inspire your own flash fiction pieces.  Think about what you’ve learned about the genre from the few examples we read in class.  A flash fiction piece can be a complete, traditional story with a beginning, middle, and end, it can be more impressionistic or poem like, or it can be used to convey a philosophical idea, concept, etc.  The idea is that they are short.  With these pieces, you can let the pictures do some of the writing for you.  The picture is part of the composition so there’s no need to overly describe what we’re looking at.  Tell the story behind/around/under/next to/between the picture.

For Friday, please bring in 1-3 of your best flash fiction pieces.  Make sure you designate which photo you are talking about , either by the [numbers] I have helpfully provided, or just copy and paste the photo into your document.  Type these, please.  You are free to include and turn in the free write we did in class with the toe picture, or not.

Also due on Friday:

email me your people portfolio information and bring in your “what I like to read” submission for class.  See the first blog post for more info on this I’m not trying to explain it all day.

Get to writing, my cherubs.

Go here for more photos by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp.




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